Dads of Castle Rock
Our Team

Our Team

Robert Zearing
President of the Board and CEO

I’ve been married for 10 years. I have a 9-year daughter. I build electrical substations for a living. I love diesel trucks. I enjoy camping, shooting, fishing, and spending time in the gym. I enjoy traveling with my family and hanging out with my dogs. I enjoy helping out in the community, meeting new people and building friendships. After spending the first half of my daughter’s life on the road for work, nowadays I really just try to be the best example I can and enjoy making as many memories with her as I can.

Brad Langerak
Board of Directors Vice President

Christian, husband, father, entrepreneur.  I’ve lived in Castle Rock since 2011.  Originally from Michigan, I moved to Colorado in 2004.  I have 1 son and 2 stepdaughters.  My wife Traci is a teacher here in town.  I first joined DoCR as a way to network and make new friends here in town.  Having a sense of community is very important to me.  When conversations about starting an outreach began, I knew I was with the right group and wanted to be part of it.  DoCR is a group of amazing men with huge hearts and aspirations to do good for our community.  

Matthew Zien
Board of Directors Secretary

Originally from Estes Park, Colorado, I moved to Castle Rock in 2013. I’m a US Air Force combat veteran and Air Force Wounded Warrior. I was medically retired after serving 16 years, 12 years as a Security Forces member and four years as a Basic Training Military Training Instructor. I am a mental health advocate, resiliency influencer, and professional speaker focusing mental health, suicide awareness, and overcoming obstacles. I have three amazing kids; two daughters who live in Hawaii with their mom and stepdad, and a son who I have shared custody with who lives in Castle Rock. I love to write, read, spend time with my family and friends whenever I can. I felt that I lost my purpose after my near-death experience in the military that led to my retirement from the Air Force. I found my purpose with the Dads of Castle Rock and feel an incredible amount of pride to be able share my passion of helping people with a community of incredible dads.

Curtis Anderson
Board of Directors At Large

I came to CO for a job and settled in Castle Rock in 2016. I joined the DoCRCO to be able to help local people and issues in our community. It’s nice to be part of an organization that is truly family-based and community-driven. 

James Davis
Chief Technology Officer

Born and raised in and around the Philadelphia area, I relocated to Colorado due to my military service and stayed because I eventually came to call Colorado home. I spent 7 years active duty Army in the Signal Core and achieved the rank of Sergeant. I have spent the last 10 years in Corporate America serving in various Information Technology positions, I am married to a wonder Social Worker who serves the Aurora Public School system, and we have two beautiful daughters. I wanted to get get more involved in my community and DoCR has granted that.

Nate Hoff
Director of Merchandise

I moved to Castle Rock after meeting my wife and two wonderful step kids in 2013. I joined DoCRCO because I love being a part of an organization that can make a difference within the community we live in.  Seeing how a bunch of dads and families can come together to make positive outcomes a reality for many is a real blessing. 

Tanner Cole
Director Of Events

I moved to Castle Rock to get the small-town feel close to Denver where a good chunk of my Real Estate business is. This town did not disappoint! I can’t go out to eat or to the grocery store without seeing somebody I know! I joined the Dads of Castle Rock to meet other dads, get advice from other dads and to get to know the community better! When the opportunity to become part of the Community Outreach presented itself, I couldn’t get involved fast enough! This is a great town, but we as a group saw an opportunity to make it even better by doing “dad stuff” in the community. Small things like helping people move furniture, cleaning up trails and collecting Christmas trees, but also big things like making sure every kid in town had a good Christmas, ensuring that struggling neighbors never went hungry and helping families in the community when they are in need. We all love this town and want to make sure Castle Rock is a great place to live for years to come!